Lalu ready to entertain people with an animation film

Railway Minister Lalu Prasad has always fascinated masses with his unique style. Now he is ready to capture heart of millions with an animation film.
Pawan Kumar is making 16 animated film clips of two minutes duration each. He said that the films would depict childhood and student days of Prasad, his buffalo rides, skipping school, joining student politics and the JP movement, and his political rise thereafter.
He added that he had been making cartoons on Lalu since long. So, he now planned to present him with a different medium. These days children cartoon comics and animation films are in great demand.
Shashi, who has given his voice for the animated Lalu said that he could not have found a better outlet for his talent. The voice of Lalu is unique in itself. After watching the video he thought that he could not find a better outlet for his talent than mimicking for Lalu in this film.
The background music has been given by Ratnesh and Gopala from the Animation Academy at Hyderabad.
Pawan said: "When I showed him the clips Laluji was very happy and asked me to complete the film as fast as possible."

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Avi said...

from where i will get this series of toons video?